What is 3G

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

What is 3G


3G - Third Generation Mobile Telephony

EDGE - Enchanced Data Rates for Global Evolution

GPRS - General Packet Radio Services

3G is short for third generation mobile telephone technology. It provides the ability to transfer both voice data (a video call) and non-voice data (such as downloading of information and multimedia services, email, instant messaging) at greater speed.

3G promises increased bandwidth, up to 384 Kbps, and that's 6 times faster than today's GPRS network. With 3G, you can make and receive video calls from your friends and colleagues as well as send and receive high-density data files such as video clips and music videos at greater speed and in lesser amount of tim

3G Connect the speed of data transfer is up to 384 kbps, which is comparable to broadband. This is significantly faster than EDGE.
As a comparison, our drive tests have shown that you can expect a minimum 3G speed of 100 kbps in 98% of instances. For EDGE, this is only achieved in less than 50% of instances.
In short, 3G is 6 times faster than GPRS and 3 times faster than EDGE.

3G services can be access by using a DATA Card connected to a computer or by a 3G mobile phone with a 3G sim card.

Most 3G operator allow their 3G network to automatically hands over to the 2G network when you leave the 3G coverage area. When you are on a voice call, you will see no interruption of service and will be able to continue your voice call uninterrupted.

3G DATA Card or mobile phone will automatically be connected to the 2G network. All data services will work, though at slower speeds. However, video calls from the mobile phone are not possible outside of 3G coverage areas.

Communication between 3G and 2G networks is supported. When you’re on 3G, you can call, SMS and MMS who are not on 3G. However, they will not be able to receive video calls and video mails.

You can enjoy seamless and wireless connectivity to the Internet via our 3G Connect data card. As for the mobile phone services, most 3G support operator provided a comprehensive range of services such as video calls, video mail, video messages, video streaming, and other value-added services.

With video calls, not only will people be able to talk to each other through their mobile phone, they can see each other as well. This adds an exciting dimension to mobile communication.

In general 3G is the way to go for the future of telecommunication the application of 3G is vast, the internet or the WWW is really in your hands.


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